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Completion & Celebration

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Dear Friend,

We are so excited to share with you the special news of the completion of a new Radlett Torah!

A new Torah scroll is a sign of a vibrant community - a healthy, robust and flourishing community that is brimming with Jewish pride.

At Chabad, our doors are open to every Jew, without labels and regardless of background or affiliation. This Torah scroll will belong to each and every Jew. Individual letters will come together to form a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a portion, a book, and a Torah, uniting us as one people.

It is our hope that this Torah scroll will help strengthen our connection to
G-d, to His Torah, to our fellow Jews, and empower us to fulfil our eternal mandate to be the “light unto the nations”.

Join in the unity in the writing of this Community Torah Scroll! Every part of the Torah, from the letters, to the portions, to the crown can be endowed in honour or in memory of your loved ones.

The writing of the Torah has been almost completed by a professional Sofer - a scribe - who has spent a year writing the Torah for this purpose.

Now that the Torah is almost completed, the final section will be written right here in Radlett accompanied by a joyous celebration. With Hashem's help the Torah will be completed in June 2023.

Our sages tell us that this mitzvah has the special power of bestowing G-d’s blessings on participants and their families for all their material and spiritual needs.

Join us in writing history!

We look forward to celebrating with you,

Rabbi Sendy and Rochel Dubrawsky


The Torah

The Torah is the holiest and most precious article in Jewish life. For thousands of years the Jewish people have studied the Torah and lived by its laws, part of an unbroken chain that began some 3,330 years ago. In times of great joy, we hold it high, a symbol of G‑d’s eternal commitment to us. In times of need, we pray in its presence, acknowledging our unbreakable connection to G‑d. 


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The Torah is our most precious item, sustaining the Jewish people throughout history. It tells us that every Jew, regardless of background or knowledge, has an equal share in the Torah.

The 613th and final mitzvah in the Torah is that every Jew writes his own Sefer Torah. Our Rabbis have taught that one can fulfill this mitzvah by dedicating a portion or even one letter in a Torah.



What to Expect

A Hachnasat Sefer Torah is the celebration that centers around the welcoming of a scroll to its new home. It’s a really big deal, akin to a wedding. 

Now, don’t get stressed over pronouncing that term (hach-nas-at means “bringing in of,” and Sefer Torah means “Torah scroll”). You can also just call it a “Torah celebration” or “Torah parade.”


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