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Kabbalah to Navigate Your Inner Self

A new 4-Week Taster Course with Rabbi Sendy on Tanya - the basic book of Chabad philosophy

and a classic in terms of applied "intellectual Kabbalah".

Starting Thursday 4 May - 8:00-9:30pm

at Bayit - 122 Watling Street, Radlett
All Welcome! Free of charge


Soul Words

Thursday 4 May

If you are such a good person, why do you sometimes feel so mean inside? And if you are such a bad person, why are you plagued by fits of conscience? Just as Freud developed the vocabulary that enable you to speak about your psyche, the Tanya provides the key terms and constructs that allow you to speak about your soul  . . . or souls. What kind of person are you? What is the source of inner conflict? This lesson teaches you the words you need in order to answer the question.


Getting A Grip on Yourself

Thursday 11 May

It can be enlightening to know why you succumb to temptations that you wish you had resisted. But is there a strategy to gaining self-control? This lesson provides practical guidelines for overcoming weakness and learning to control behavior.


Sync or Sink

Thursday 18 May

When your heart’s passion pulls you one way and your measured mind pulls another way, the disconnect can be agonizing. This lesson will teach you two methods for aligning reason and emotion, so you can reduce stress and live decisively.


The Joyride

Thursday  May

Constant doubt and emotional unhappiness can gradually sap you of the strength and will to change. But joy provides the boost that allows you to live each day with enthusiasm and resolve. This lesson provides useful perspectives that can help you generate a positive attitude.

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