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JLI Teens: Service


Debate. Discuss. Do Good.

CTeen’s innovative programs nurture positive Jewish identity,

help teens stand above societal pressures and channel their energy through positive mediums.

As parents, we worry about the well-being of our teens. How will they successfully forge their future? How do we impart our values and beliefs, empowering them to make wise decisions as they go through the many challenges of life? Can we build their self-esteem and help them develop a strong inner compass they can trust in challenging situations?

This is why we created the JLI TEENS, a warm, safe and dynamic environment where your teen can explore and discover their own voice, while gaining insight and inspiration from the principles and deep wisdom that has guided our people for millennia.


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OUR MISSION is to empower today's teens with a sense of direction and purpose. We develop vibrant extracurricular educational programming, built on a strong academic base, which will challenge and stimulate your teenage son or daughter.

This is not school. We recognize that teens respond to dynamic, multisensory learning formats that promote exploration and discussion. Each session encourages active participation where your child will hold the microphone to voice his or her opinions.

The JLI Teens experience instils life-long knowledge, confidence, and a strong sense of Jewish pride.

Bottom line: It's learning and it's fun!

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All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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Life on Line: A Deadly Life Jacket
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Life on Line: A Deadly Life Jacket

Life on the Line: The Hero Criminal
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Life on the Line: The Hero Criminal

Life on the Line: Trampled in Wal-Mart
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Life on the Line: Trampled in Wal-Mart

OUR courses

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Welcome to Hollywood

Jewish wisdom on fame, friendship and the pursuit of happiness

This course explores Hollywood culture and values including issues such as fame, self-esteem, alcohol, relationships and friendship. 

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Super Jew

The Miracle of Jewish Survival
This series will address anti-Semitism, assimilation, lessons
from the Holocaust, the chosen people and Jewish pride.
Teens will embrace their Jewish identity in a modern world.

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Life on
the Line

Debate real-life stories that will test your courage and challenge your instincts. Discover what 3,000 years of tradition has to say about suicide, extreme sports, self defence, value of money and life and rescuing strangers.

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The Battle Between Faith and Logic

Tackle the greatest theological questions humanity has been asking for thousands of years. Stand alongside ancient Jewish thinkers who’ve grappled with powerful existential questions about G-d, morality, and dealing with life’s challenges.  

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Why I Love 

Explore the land of Israel in a deep and meaningful way. This interactive subject empowers students to stand up and voice their opinions, while identifying and expressing their role as a member of the Jewish nation. It’s an inspiring, engaging and stimulating discourse about the land of Israel.

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Jewish Love Secrets

She loves me…she loves me not! Love and romance is more
confusing than ever. What does Judaism say about dating, sexuality, and
the pursuit of lifelong relationships.

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