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Bat Mitzvah club

This course will inspire the girls to think of life with Jewish insights and in the perspective of their new position as Jewish Women. Together, they will make a beautiful scrapbook covering these topics, to be kept forever, and make this an exciting and beautiful time in the preparations for the Bat Mitzva Ceremony.


Some of the topics to be discussed:

• Making decisions in life, and the role of the Yetzer Hara - the Bad Inclination, vs. the Yetzer Tov - the Good Inclination
• The Neshama - the soul, and the power of a Jewish Name
• Do things happen by accident? Coincidence vs. Divine Providence
• Tzniut  - Modesty: How are we judged and valued? How do we value ourselves?
• Gratitude, and specifically the commandment to Honour your Mother and Father
• Jewish women in History: Not just boring characters in a Chumash or History book, how are the struggles of these women relevant to me and you?
• Kabbalat Ol: Judaism has hundreds of commandments and customs, many with beautiful explanations and much meaning. But some seem to make no sense at all. Why do we do them?
• Priorities - how do I establish my value system?
• Ahavat Yisrael: Love your fellow Jew.. Really? Everyone? How?
• Community and Charity - What is my role?
• Question and Answer Session - anything you ever wanted to know! Come prepared with your questions... 

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