JUDA is a Jewish enrichment programme for all Jewish children, which brings Judaism to life through creative, interactive and stimulating lessons. Using journaling, art, music, cooking and drama, as well as learning through play and discussion, JUDA elevates Jewish learning.

Daily Tefilla (prayer) takes on a personal relevance and familiarity, and Hebrew reading and writing is catered to your child, at their own pace. The core curriculum of JUDA consists of lessons focusing on festival preparation, Torah stories through Heroes and Heroines, Jewish values and life-cycle events, all with a personal and relevant lesson. Taught with passion and personal care, our goal is to ensure the individualised success of each student. JUDA takes the traditional Cheder experience and turns it on its head, where Judaism comes alive and children develop a proud Jewish identity to carry into their adult lives.


JUDA currently caters for boys and girls in Years 2-6, with a small group and individual attention, and runs on Tuesday afternoons from 4:30-5:45pm, at Bayit Chabad Lubavitch, Radlett. For the academic year 2018-2019, we are excited to be opening a second group for younger students.

To discuss in more detail, or arrange a time to come see JUDA in action, please call
Rochel 07960 619 706 or email [email protected]