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This course explores Hollywood culture and values including issues such as fame, rebellion, drugs, love and friendship. Not only is it extremely powerful in its presentation of core Jewish values, but it will also be very attractive to teenagers who are no doubt very interested in - and very heavily influenced by — Hollywood celebrities and their films.

Just how much sway should movies and television have on your life?

Is there more to fame, fortune, love and friendship than what you see on the big screen?

This winter get ready for your BACKSTAGE PASS to some of Hollywood's most famous moments.

Join this exciting teen experience to discuss and explore important real-life issues.

It’s time to debate FACTS VS. FANTASY.

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Course Breakdown

Lesson 1: At Star is Born (Fame vs. Self Esteem)

Lesson 2: Friends Forever (Friends/Social Life)

Lesson 3: Get High... on Life! (Drugs/Alcohol/Escape vs. Growing Through Life's Challenges)

Lesson 4: Show Me Money (Is it a Blessing or a Curse?)