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CTeen’s innovative programs nurture positive Jewish identity,

help teens stand above societal pressures and channel their energy through positive mediums.

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Graffiti Sukkah

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Welcome to Hollywood

This course will analyze how the culture of Hollywood subliminally influences our society. It offers teens the opportunity to discover how every movie—every story—is inherently a message and commentary on life. They will be challenged to consider and think deeply about these messages, whether they really agree with them, and how these values compare with those of our tradition.

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Life on
the Line

Debate real-life news stories such as rescuing strangers, euthanasia, and attempted suicide. The course invites students to share their views and opinions on each case. The lesson structure is built to allow each participant to render judgment on these life-and-death scenarios and then consider what ancient Judaism says about those modern-day dilemmas - discovering an entirely new way of navigating life’s tough decisions.

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Why I Love 

Is there something wrong with the way Israel has conducted itself in its attempts to bring peace to the Middle East? Why does it seem that Israel has so many enemies? How important is Israel to me, anyway? Your teen will take a journey; where they will virtually travel through the Holy Land, learn of the history, meaning and holiness of this ancient country. They will see how this faraway place is their home, and how their Jewish identity is connected to it.