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JLI Teens

JLI Teens

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OUR MISSION is to empower today's teens with a sense of direction and purpose.
We develop vibrant extracurricular educational programming, built on a
strong academic base, that will challenge and stimulate your teenage son or daughter.

This is not school. We recognize that teens respond to dynamic, multisensory
learning formats that promote exploration and discussion. Each session encourages active
participation where your child will hold the microphone to voice his or her opinions.

The JLI Teens experience instills life-long knowledge, confidence,
and a strong sense of Jewish pride.

Bottom line: It's learning and it's fun!


I'm a JLI Teen

Upcoming Courses - November/December 2017

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Year 9

Life on The Line

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4 Mondays, starting 29 January 2018 


Year 10

OMG! The Battle Between Logic and Faith

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4 Sundays starting 4 February 2018 


Year 11 and 12

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